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11abuse reported
7Web SpamForum Spam
2Bad Web Bot
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from 5 distinct reporters
and 5 distinct sources : BotScout.com, dan.me.uk, Emerging Threats, FireHOL, StopForumSpam.com was first signaled at 2020-07-31 15:58 and last record was at 2020-08-01 15:14.

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Date UTC Category Sub Categories Source List Source Logs
2020-07-31 15:58 abuse Bad Web Bot botscout_30d BotScout.com  
2020-07-31 15:58 abuse Bad Web Bot botscout_7d BotScout.com  
2020-07-31 15:59 anonymizers Tor IP dm_tor dan.me.uk  
2020-07-31 16:00 anonymizers Tor IP et_tor Emerging Threats  
2020-07-31 16:00 abuse firehol_abusers_1d FireHOL  
2020-07-31 16:00 abuse firehol_abusers_30d FireHOL  
2020-07-31 16:02 attacks firehol_level4 FireHOL  
2020-07-31 16:15 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam StopForumSpam.com  
2020-07-31 16:17 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam_180d StopForumSpam.com  
2020-07-31 16:18 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam_1d StopForumSpam.com  
2020-07-31 16:18 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam_30d StopForumSpam.com  
2020-08-01 15:12 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam_365d StopForumSpam.com  
2020-08-01 15:13 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam_7d StopForumSpam.com  
2020-08-01 15:14 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam_90d StopForumSpam.com  
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inetnum: -
netname: GF-PL-NET
remarks: INFRA-AW
descr: ***********************************************************
descr: * As ISP we provide hosting, virtual and dedicated servers.
descr: *
descr: * Those services are self managed by our customers
descr: * therefore, we are not using this IP space ourselves
descr: * and it could be assigned to various end customers.
descr: *
descr: * In case of issues related with SPAM, Fraud, Phishing
descr: * DDoS, port scans or others, feel free to contact us
descr: * with relevant info. Abuse email: abuse@greenfloid.com
descr: ***********************************************************
country: PL
geoloc: 54.3840686 18.6383301
admin-c: GRFL-RIPE
tech-c: GFES1-RIPE
mnt-by: GRFL-MNT
created: 2012-05-04T11:25:08Z
last-modified: 2019-05-07T11:31:51Z
source: RIPE

person: GREEN FLOID EU Support Team
address: 64 Oborishte str
address: Burgas, Bulgaria 8000
phone: +359 2 4925555
phone: +1 561 2500001
remarks: **********************************************************************
remarks: All ITLDC abuse reporting can be done via https://www.itldc.com/abuse
remarks: **********************************************************************
nic-hdl: GFES1-RIPE
mnt-by: ITLBG-MNT
created: 2018-08-16T11:07:23Z
last-modified: 2018-08-16T11:21:24Z
source: RIPE # Filtered

person: GreenFloid NOC
address: East Jefferson Street, 2707
address: Orlando, FL, 32803, USA
phone: +1 561 2500001
nic-hdl: GRFL-RIPE
mnt-by: GRFL-MNT
created: 2018-09-10T07:52:11Z
last-modified: 2018-09-10T07:52:11Z
source: RIPE

origin: AS204957
mnt-by: GRFL-MNT
created: 2019-05-07T11:37:14Z
last-modified: 2019-05-07T11:37:14Z
source: RIPE
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Updated : 2020-08-01