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16attacks reported
2PhishingEmail SpamHacking
2PhishingWeb SpamEmail Spam
1PhishingEmail SpamSpoofing
1Fraud Orders
1PhishingWeb SpamEmail SpamHackingBrute-ForceWeb App Attack
1HackingIoT Targeted
1Fraud OrdersEmail Spam
1PhishingEmail SpamSpoofingExploited Host
1PhishingWeb SpamEmail SpamHacking
10abuse reported
6Web SpamForum Spam
1Web SpamEmail SpamSpoofing
1Web Spam
1Forum Spam
9malware reported
4organizations reported
2reputation reported
1spam reported
from 7 distinct reporters
and 7 distinct sources : Bambenek Consulting, Cyber Threat Alliance, FireHOL, hpHosts, Abuse.ch, StopForumSpam.com, AbuseIPDB was first signaled at 2018-03-11 12:39 and last record was at 2019-07-06 13:55.

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Cybercrime IP Feeds

Date UTC Category Sub Categories Source List Source Logs
2019-06-14 01:11 abuse Web SpamEmail SpamSpoofing AbuseIPDB  
2019-05-20 23:53 abuse Web Spam AbuseIPDB Subject: why? How would you like to find out about advertising that doesn't charge anything for clicks/impressions
2019-05-08 00:33 attacks PhishingEmail SpamSpoofing AbuseIPDB  
2019-05-07 01:25 attacks PhishingEmail SpamHacking AbuseIPDB [email protected]
2019-04-02 03:49 attacks Fraud Orders AbuseIPDB  
2019-03-11 00:13 attacks PhishingWeb SpamEmail SpamHacking AbuseIPDB Home to web spammers and phishing. Most likely security issues with the hidden links.
2019-03-03 22:08 attacks Phishing AbuseIPDB  
2019-02-14 14:59 attacks Phishing AbuseIPDB  
2019-02-12 11:34 attacks HackingIoT Targeted AbuseIPDB avoid security purchasing/links to and recent security purchase * # similar to browser hacking and mobile phone hacking/landline hacking/ask 1
2019-02-06 16:53 attacks Fraud OrdersEmail Spam AbuseIPDB 14cxPepKjJ8XR5k4u7jskJiqMH2vGFV5WY
2019-01-24 04:43 attacks PhishingEmail SpamSpoofingExploited Host AbuseIPDB Phishing spam From: "[usermail]?" <[email protected]> Reply-To: <[email protected]>, <[email protected]>, &
2018-08-29 11:55 attacks PhishingWeb SpamEmail Spam AbuseIPDB  
2018-08-16 14:24 attacks PhishingWeb SpamEmail Spam AbuseIPDB  
2018-06-19 22:51 attacks PhishingWeb SpamEmail SpamHacking AbuseIPDB  
2018-06-14 14:31 attacks PhishingEmail SpamHacking AbuseIPDB  
2018-04-18 01:31 attacks Phishing AbuseIPDB  
2018-03-11 12:39 attacks Fraud OrdersDDoS AttackFTP Brute-ForcePing of Death AbuseIPDB Phishing
2019-03-29 18:18 malware Malware bambenek_banjori Bambenek Consulting  
2019-03-29 18:18 malware Malware bambenek_c2 Bambenek Consulting  
2019-03-29 18:18 malware Malware bambenek_simda Bambenek Consulting  
2019-03-29 18:23 organizations coinbl_hosts  
2019-03-29 18:23 malware Malware cta_cryptowall Cyber Threat Alliance  
2019-03-29 18:27 abuse firehol_abusers_30d FireHOL  
2019-03-29 18:35 organizations hphosts_ats  
2019-03-29 18:35 malware Malware hphosts_emd hpHosts  
2019-03-29 18:35 reputation hphosts_fsa  
2019-03-29 18:35 spam hphosts_grm  
2019-03-29 18:35 abuse Forum Spam hphosts_hfs hpHosts  
2019-03-29 18:36 reputation hphosts_psh  
2019-03-29 18:36 organizations iblocklist_yoyo_adservers  
2019-03-29 18:42 malware Malware ransomware_feed  
2019-03-29 18:42 malware Malware ransomware_locky_c2 Abuse.ch  
2019-03-29 18:45 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam StopForumSpam.com  
2019-03-29 18:47 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam_180d StopForumSpam.com  
2019-03-29 18:48 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam_30d StopForumSpam.com  
2019-03-29 18:51 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam_365d StopForumSpam.com  
2019-03-29 18:51 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam_7d StopForumSpam.com  
2019-03-29 18:52 abuse Web SpamForum Spam stopforumspam_90d StopForumSpam.com  
2019-03-29 18:55 organizations yoyo_adservers  
2019-06-27 22:17 malware Malware bambenek_suppobox Bambenek Consulting  
2019-07-06 13:44 attacks firehol_level3 FireHOL  
2019-07-06 13:55 malware Malware vxvault  
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Threats Categories :

IPs used to spam forum, boards, blogs or smtp servers, automated web scripts or scrappers (bad bots)
Onion Router IP addresses. TOR network IPs, TOR exit points, socks or ssl proxy.
bruteforce ssh/ftp/system account, IPs that have been detected by fail2ban, ports scan, vulnerabilities scan, DDoS.
Addresses that have been identified distributing malware, form-grabber and stealer, Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Ransomware, Adware, Spyware


inetnum: -
netname: GANDIFR-NET4
country: FR
admin-c: SD10199-RIPE
admin-c: PB10691-RIPE
tech-c: GNO4-RIPE
tech-c: NG183-RIPE
mnt-by: GANDI-NOC
mnt-lower: GANDI-NOC
mnt-routes: GANDI-NOC
created: 2009-07-01T14:00:55Z
last-modified: 2015-09-24T12:17:14Z
source: RIPE

role: Gandi Network Operations
address: 63-65 Boulevard Massena
address: 75013 Paris
address: France
phone: +33 1 70 39 37 55
admin-c: PB10691-RIPE
admin-c: SD10199-RIPE
tech-c: SD10199-RIPE
nic-hdl: GNO4-RIPE
remarks: Gandi SAS NOC Role
remarks: Gandi is an ICANN accredited Registrar
remarks: http://www.gandi.net/
remarks: - Network Issues: noc@gandi.net
remarks: - Abuse/SPAM: abuse@gandi.net
abuse-mailbox: abuse@gandi.net
mnt-by: GANDI-NOC
created: 2010-02-10T08:56:37Z
last-modified: 2015-04-16T16:41:41Z
source: RIPE # Filtered

role: NOC Gandi
address: GANDI
address: 63-65 Boulevard Massena
address: 75013 Paris
admin-c: SD10199-RIPE
tech-c: SD10199-RIPE
nic-hdl: NG183-RIPE
mnt-by: GANDI-NOC
remarks: -------------------------------------------------
remarks: GANDI is an ICANN accredited registrar
remarks: for more information:
remarks: Web: http://www.gandi.net
remarks: -------------------------------------------------
remarks: - network troubles: ipnoc@gandi.net
remarks: - SPAM complaints: abuse@gandi.net
remarks: -------------------------------------------------
created: 2002-06-25T16:00:27Z
last-modified: 2015-08-26T15:59:02Z
source: RIPE # Filtered

person: Pascal Bouchareine
address: Gandi SAS
address: 63-65 Boulevard Massena
address: 75013 Paris
address: France
phone: +33 1 70 39 37 55
nic-hdl: PB10691-RIPE
mnt-by: GANDI-NOC
created: 2010-02-10T09:42:27Z
last-modified: 2011-12-19T13:34:55Z
source: RIPE

person: Sebastien Dupas
address: Gandi SAS
address: 63-65 boulevard Massena
address: 75013 Paris
address: France
phone: +33 1 70 39 37 56
nic-hdl: SD10199-RIPE
mnt-by: GANDi-NOC
created: 2015-04-16T16:34:47Z
last-modified: 2015-04-16T16:34:47Z
source: RIPE

descr: GANDI is an ICANN accredited registrar
descr: for more information:
descr: Web: http://www.gandi.net
origin: AS29169
mnt-by: GANDI-NOC
created: 2017-10-04T11:35:51Z
last-modified: 2017-10-04T11:35:51Z
source: RIPE # Filtered
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Updated : 2019-01-31